Moving Checklist

Save a lot of time with this moving checklist.

Moving Tips

Save a lot of time with this moving checklist.


Save a lot of time with this moving checklist.

Moving Checklist

Packing Tips for Moving and Blogs for Updates | Best Movers LLC, US

Moving Checklist


  • Reserve a moving company for your move as soon as you know you are moving.
  • If you are planning to use a moving company for packing assistance, discuss this with them during your reservation. At BestMovers, we can assist you pack up your house, apartment, condo, or your business.
  • Purchase moving boxes and necessary packing materials.
  • Clean and declutter your closets, the garage, and attic.



  • Prepare to complete a Change of Address with USPS and notify your stakeholders about your move.
  • Schedule disconnects for utilities such as gas, electric, water, internet, cable TV, newspapers, and any other services you receive.
  • Leave some clothes for you to wear in the next week or so.
  • Label all the moving boxes as you pack.
  • Schedule disconnects for utilities such as gas, electric, water and the telephone. If you have a landline, do not disconnect it until after your move. Arrange for refunds that are due, and schedule connections for your new residence.
  • Cancel newspapers, Internet, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning help, lawn maintenance, and any other services you receive.


  • Clean the stove, refrigerator, and finish up any last-minute cleaning before move day.
  • Finish up packing and be sure all items are boxed and ready to go prior to the movers’ arrival.
  • Plan your easy to prepare meals, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the stove and fridge again.
  • Say thanks to your old place.


  • Be present when the movers arrive so you can walk them through the home and indicate what you need moved or anything in particular, they should be aware of.
  • Once all belongings are loaded onto the moving truck, be sure to do one more walkthrough and lock all windows and outside doors.

Moving and Packing Tips

moving and packing tips

Moving and Packing Tips

  • Get rid of clutter and donate things you are no longer using
  • Set aside stuff to sell
  • Sort things by category
  • Pack decorating items weeks prior
  • Use smaller boxes for heavy items as books and tableware. Write “Fragile” on a side of the box and on the top of the box. Write “Heavy” on the boxes, that have books or any other heavy items. It’s also a good idea to avoid wrapping china in newsprint; the ink can stain your dishes.
  • Label your moving boxes as detailed as possible. This will help you at your new home to locate all the necessary items quickly.
  • Label each box with a room, so the movers can put the boxes for you in the correct order.
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.
  • Save time for the kitchen. It takes the longest to pack up because you have to make sure everything is individually wrapped.
  • Bubble wrap electronics and TVs to protect them, if you don’t have the original boxes.
  • Always pack and unpack breakables over a padded surface.


Frequently Asked Questions


- Do you provide just commercial moves?

There are so many responsibilities at work already and in addition there is an office move. Let our office movers take you to your new home so you can stay focused on your business. Best Movers LLC is a professional and experienced moving service that has been doing this for years! Our affordable and experienced moving experience will show you why people never go back to moving on their own. Additionally, our moving expertise allows you to focus on your current business without missing a beat. 

During your commercial move, transporting your office’s inventory isn’t a problem — we handle carefully all packaging, transporting, and unloading of your business’s items, ensuring safety, efficiency, and speed of transfer. We understand every aspect of commercial moving which lets us avoid unnecessary costs that most inexperienced movers incur for their clients. 

- Do you provide moving and packing services?

Moving and relocation to a new home is a major life event – and that includes local moves. Washington DC and DMV local movers understand this change and want to make sure you feel at home before you even unpack a box.

Because you’re moving short distances doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a professional local moving company. We are here to help – Our local moving company offers a full range of local moving services, including full-packingand assemblyservices. 

If you are looking for a moving company in DC, moving company in Maryland, or a moving company in Virginia, at BestMovers LLC, we will ensure you have an easy move. Our professional movers and professional packers will do the job done quickly and efficiently. 

We know what our customers want – honesty, speed and caring DC local movers, Virginia local movers, or Maryland local movers.

- Do you provide long-distance moving?

Yes, we have been providing long-distance moving services for nearly 10 years. During this time frame, we gained a lot of experience, trained our crews, and we have all the equipment and tools in place that are required to complete long-distance moves. This makes us # 1 small business moving company in the DMV region. If you are looking for an experienced moving company that puts customers first, call us today and experience it yourself.

- What type of houses do you move?

At BestMovers, our customer satisfaction is a priority. That is why we train our movers. We provide the following professionals: 

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Single Family Homes
  • Townhouses

- Do you provide furniture arrangement services?

You moved, bought a dream home, or just as simple as giving new look to your current place, it’s time to decide how you are going to arrange all of your furniture. At BestMovers, we can deliver, unpack everything in the right place and assemble for you. 

- Do you provide delivery services?

We will deliver your furniture from a store or a warehouse. We also provide professional furniture assembly services, delivery, and staging.

- Do you load and unload furniture?

We are professional movers that can help you with load and unload of anything you want: moving trucks, PODS containers, U-pack even your roommate's stuffed minivan, move furniture in the home,.

- Do you provide furniture removal services?

Yes, we will be more then happy to assist you with any type of removal

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